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. they're trapped and don't know how to get out of it. >> what a difference. the political article spells out how they are getting ready to break ranks. they are not satisfied with joe biden, it's going to be working, god willing, insurance. now they are ready to not necessarily put on republican team jerseys but they are projecting the next oversight hearings coming in december will get, quote, ugly. and that the talking -- the discussions that the white house has been having with them have not quelled the fears at all that when the white house told them when they went to capitol hill, we'll get website working there was open eye rolling. it's not just the american people who think the president is dishonest. it's the democrats, too. >> three strikes and you're out. the first was saying if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. we know he never intended to keep that promise. second was going to the american people saying i have a fix. but he didn't have the authority so millions of people are losing plans anyway. the website is the third stiek. if the website doesn't work, he said t
this out. i don't know, with the lowest yet poll numbers -- >> that is what i want to talk to you about. the polls show the lowest job approval rating in his poll, 39% and this other poll about trustworthiness. and the numbers are just -- the shift is dramatic. here, put up the next poll if you will. asking if they believe the president is honest, it is a 13-shift swing from just a month ago, here it is, now look, 44% believe he is honest and trustworthy. 52% believe he is not. and look at the swing on that. >> it turns out if you tell people you intentionally misled you. they are willing to believe you. if you said i misled you and i'm sorry that is hard to get the trust back. so he is going to have to do something pretty big right now. >> all right, thank you. as if all of that is not bad enough for the administration. today, former president bill clinton said, as i mentioned that president obama needs to keep his promise to the american people. watch. >> so i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment to federal government and l
't that the purpose? they need all the people to sign up. but the message is don't go. not many of you anyway. there are still concerns about how much the site can handle. that's a real problem for the millions of americans who have seen their insurance policies cancelled and must sign up for coverage. must sign up by december 23 in order for them and their families to have coverage in the new year. 5,500,000 people who had insurance, many of whom were happy with the insurance, got their policies cancelled thanks to this law. and now may not have insurance come 2014, thanks to the law. now they are told to stay off the website. not many at one time. on a conference call today an official with the centers for medicaid and medicare services warned there is still a lot to do over the next few days cautioning this is not a magical date. they said there will be times when the site does not perform optimally. they say there are hard drive issues, software issues, many of which need to be fixed. this from kathleen sebelius. warning earlier this week, quote, this isn't a magic turn-on switch. the exp
from an old playbook which is, "it's not our fault." how does that play? >> i don't think it works. the president of the united states is on video dozens of times making the promise, repeating it, being emphatic about it. not that he said oegsally in passing if you like your plan you can keep it. he was saying this in response to republican claims that you would not be able to keep your plan even if you liked it. basically the defenders of the law have no arguments to make now. so they've got to choose two villains. one republicans in congress. the other, a valerie jarrett tweet, the president speaking in boston trying to villify insurance companies. you have now seen it in hearings the other day. >> they blame cancellations on the insurance companies who are obeying the laws they passed. >> right. >> the insurance companies are cancelling people because obama care requires them to. >> exactly right. >> it is an interesting argument by the administration. that's the one they have chosen. as far as blaming republicans they appear to be pinning the health disaster b on the g
,000. as for the state-run exchanges that have been working better less than 80,000 signed up there. we don't know how many, if any of the people have paid for the plans as opposed to saying they want them and putting them in the shopping cart. meantime tax-pair funded health care is popular. the medicaid roles spiking by nearly 400,000 people. look at the disparity there. the biggest number of all, now more than 5 million americans who have lost their health insurance despite president obama's pledge that if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, period. now those 5 million and maybe more have roughly 30 days to find something or they will start the year without any coverage at all come january 2014. marc thiessen is a former speechwriter for president george w. bush. put the numbers from perspective for us. >> the white house bragged today that 27 million people visited health since the launch. 27,000 have signed up. that's a fail rate of .1%. kathleen sebelius had the nerve to say the marketplace is working. if they were in a real marketplace and they had that kind of sales rate
're trying to make it fail. >> i don't think fox news had anything to do with the failure of the rollout of as far as i know we didn't touch that website. >> this is about the fifth bite about this. there is a fundamental disagreement about what is wrong. so what the president and liberals and the folks he talked to yesterday, his campaign volunteers that he tried to rally. i guess he was trying to get them to rally him, he said. what they're concerned about is that not enough free health insurance is being given away. their complaint about the program is that not enough free stuff is going out the door because they did the internet wrong. and because all of this stuff, now in that area they blame republicans because not enough enthusiasm among the republican government, et cetera. that is not why it is tanking, why the washington news poll said they wished they had mitt romney for a president instead of him. the cause of all of that is the insurance policies that are being emolated by the president's intentional policy and the fact he deceived voters on that subject. so
't working right they don't necessarily know it. it's a small group of folk who is may be disadvantaged but it is scary for them. i'm sorry they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> host of power play on fox live. chris, what do you make of that? >> it's not much of an apology. it's apologyish. he's sorry people find themselves in this situation based on essentially misinterpreting what he said. that they could have been clearer -- he and his team could have been clearer. but he didn't go to the core issue here. the apology. he wasn't facing torkamada in the questions. the point here is yours. a willful decision to hide an internal, ideological choice to blow up millions of insurance plans. they withheld that from the american people during an election. the president was asked are you sorry about misleading people. he said, i'm sorry if people are in a situation as if he's a bystander. >> a passive voice. like i can't believe this happened. i'm not sure how it happened, but he didn't take responsibility for making it happen by the mi
coverage you don't need they will give you a taxpayer subsidy to cover some of the difference in your -- >> that's one of the ideas. >> -- p that's one of the ideas the president floated in the interview. the problem is number one that doesn't solve the problem if your deductible doubles or you lost your doctor. a premium subsidy can't bring back your doctor. you have had millions of americans who are happy with their health care and happy to pay for it themselves. >> right. >> now they are going to get taxpayer subsidies for coverage they don't want. not because they want subsidies but because barack obama made health care unaffordable for them. it's a disaster. >> that's the crazy thing i can't get over. you are taking people who didn't require premium subsidies happy paying their own premiums with the coverage they had and believed the president that they could keep it. now they can't keep it. they are forced to shop on a website they can't get on. when they get there and see the sticker shock of seeing the premiums quadrupled or more they will get a subsidy from the american taxpa
. awe you're don't want a president or a congress too the powerful or courts too powerful. congress's job is to pass legislation. the president can veto or sign it. what george bush has been trying to do as part of his effort to accumulate more power in the presidency is he's been saying, well, i can basically change what congress passed by attaching a letter saying i agree with this part p or that part. i'm going to choose to interpret it this way or that way. that's not part of his power. this is part of the theory of george bush that he can make laws as he goes along. i disagree with that. i taught the constitution for ten years. i believe in the constitution. i will obey the constitution of the united states. >> wow. joining me tonight, author of the bill trying to reign in the president. congressman, what a thing to listen to then candidate barack obama versus president obama. >> yeah. unbelievable. he's changed his tune. you mentioned he rewrote the employer mandate in july. he changed the date of the statute. it was clear. then with the grandfather issue he said, i'm going to
thoughts? >> well, count me then in the minority in the universe of punditry because i don't think it's a distraction. not much of a distraction for regular americans given the head leans you just showed. i don't think anything that harry reid does or senate procedure distracts people from losing the health insurance or losing their doctor. what i do think this is is an example of a presidency in crisis and a president increasingly beholden to a liberal base that he is relying on to get him through what promises to be many painful months of this rollout, dragging forward the president is going to ground. he's going to his base. harry reid wouldn't have done this and the president certainly wouldn't have walked out moments afterward to bless it if this wasn't a part of the plan, if this wasn't part of the team and you see the president very much trying to fire up the base, give them what they want which are liberal judges on the bench and move forward as the rest of the country seems to lose confidence in him and his administration. >> maybe it fires up on some on the far left but how
% of the uninsured either don't care or haven't tried. apparently deciding it is better the to pay the fine or the system is too messed up to bother trying to get on the website. mark thi ergsessen joins us. who can blame them, marc? >> it's a mess. you're right. >> let's talk about the poll numbers. so few people -- these are the uninsured people. not like, okay, only 20% of americans have tried to go on health these are people the law was meant to help. >> exactly right. 78% of them aren't interested in it. worse than that, of those that will probably end up signing up the vast majority of those likely to sign up are the poor and sick. those least likely to sign up are the young and healthy who they need to subsidize the poor and the sick. to the extent anyone can sign up because the website doesn't work, but you will have a massive increase in the number of people who need subsidies and not enough people the to provide them. >> now tonight we find out that president obama's approval rating is now be llow the approl rating of george bush at the same point in his second term. you
's all right in politics to be clever, but you don't want to look like you're trying to be clever because that looks tricky and sneaky. and, in fact, as the president continues to waive this and suspend that and exercise what he calls enforcement discretion, the american people are beginning to feel that the law is in constant flux. and if the law is in constant flux like the rules of the senate, there is no law just as there are no more rules of the senate anymore. >> is it something that the people are going to fall for? i'm picturing this time next year, it'll be right before the november elections next year. aren't the republicans going to come out and say, hey, guess what, when they do unveil the prices for the policies that are available to you under obama care in a week, guess what they're going to be. there was a reason they pushed it back until after the midterm elections. >> exactly. the people knew a month before the election, they would at least know. now they're going to have their imagination fired by republicans telling them to be afraid, be very afraid of what you're going
not the true by the policy people, but the political people over ruled it. things like that don't just slip into speeches. there is a staffing process where dozens of officials review every proposed presidential utterance. there is a fact-checking operation that goes through every word to make sure it is both accurate and defensible. as speech writers we would often come up with things we wanted the president to say. but if the fact checkers said, you can't say that, it's not true, out it wept. in their case the fact checkers said, you can't say that and they said it anyway. >> the journal reports a former official added to the journal in the midst of a hard fought political debate, quote, if you like your plan, you can probably keep it is not a salable point. that's obvious. but it's shocking to think that the president explicitly his led millions of americans about their health care. about health care. >> yep. >> and their relationship with their doctors, their children's relationships with their doctors, knowing that it was untrue or having reason to understand that because it was more s
year. these policies are cancelled as of now. they don't know where they are going. back in d.c., we hear it was a topic today. but when it was over the executives were ushered out of the building. the discussion was called, quote, productive. the insurance companies come out yesterday, not skultded by the president prior to the big fix being announced which affects their bottom line and how they will conduct business over the next few months. we all have a feeling about insurance companies but we need them insuring people for a few months and not dealing with the headache of paperwork. they come in today and what happens? >> we are intended to not know that. based on what was happening across town at the capitol, 49 democrats, i believe, joined with republicans in the house to vote for legislation that would, in effect, memorialize an actual law what the president said at his press conference yesterday about you being able to keep your plan if you like it if your state insurance commissioner and insurance company says it is okay but it's not his fault. >> if, if, if. >> asterisk, do
and in a couple of years, americans will like the end result product. they just don't know it yet. that doesn't work. that worked in the abstract before it started happening. but when people lose their health insurance, it won't work. it just won't wash. and there's no amount of cgi animation at dreamworks that's going to cover that up. >> i mean, the president is, you know, maintaining that line despite all the evidence and the polling to the contrary. and frankly, chris, that's been their position from the beginning. i mean, this law has never had the majority support of the american people. and back when it was polling under 50% when they were debating the law, all the administration continued to say was, well, if you break it down into individual pieces, then they like it, and forget what the overall polls say about how people believe. and now in the face of the poll showing the disapproval of this law and the disapproval of how he's handling this law, which you see right there, the president continues to go out and just defy reality. >> republicans have made a lot out of the danger that
writing to the factor. have a great halloween. stay safe. don't let the urchins go crazy. miss kelly up next. remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. >>> breaking tonight after 30 days of the administration refusing to release any numbers on obama care enrollment moments ago fox news getting our very first look at concrete numbers from the big health care sign up. and it shows just six people enrolled on the first day of sign ups. six. welcome everyone i'm megyn kelly. this is the kelly file and the news is breaking this evening. for weeks this administration has refused to give out enrollment numbers. in testimony before congress, to the american people, the president giving a speech, no, no, no, no. so the house oversight committee subpoenaed information from okay lean setba -- kathleen sebelius. in just this last hour moments before we came to air, we got this detailing of what actually happened in the first days of the obama care launch. look at this. six on day one. six people. meeting, two which was later that day. 100 total signups. by midday
. the healthy 18 to 35-year-olds who don't spend a lot on health care and may not have insurance. the administration needs nearly 3 million to sign up by the tend of the year and recruited hollywood to help. >> under the affordable care act you will stay under your parent oos plan until you are 26. >> will the campaign work? weeks after the launch a gallup poll found young people are the ones most likely to support the low. that doesn't mean they will enroll. these millennials are likely to bear the big burden and the smallest reward. people aged 21 to 29 who do not qualify for government help will see average premiums in the obama care exchanges increase by 42%. compare it to people aged 60 to 64 who do not qualify for assistance. they will see average premiums increase by just 1%. and the troubled health website isn't making things easier. one democratic senator suggested that the broken website and reports of millionses of americans losing coverage are pushing away the very people this law needs most. >> what i worry about is that there is such a crisis of confidence
it say? >> what they are saying basically is we have the grandfather provision. they don't say, by the way, that's what the president is relying on to say if you like your health care plan you can keep it, period. we have the this grandfather provision. but it's fading away. in fact, by the end of 2013, we anticipate that most of what was covered by the grandfather provision would lose their coverage. >> the shocking thing is it's not only those on the individual. it is most group health plans. >> they cite to a kaiser study about employer health plans. the whole thing. they cite to page in the federal register also about employer health plans and basically estimates that 7 of 10 people on the high end estimate who have employer health plansing get their coverage at work will close their coverage. >> we talked about the piece a while back. it was shocking when we saw it about the estimates from the administration on how many people would lose their policies. or have them changed significantly over obama care. what we have now is the department of justice running into court and
product in the store and the cash registers don't work and there aren't uh enough parking spots and nobody can get through the door. if people can't get true the website, they can get on the phone to the call center and people can apply in person. part of the affordable care act was expanding the gnumber of working families who would qualify for medicaid. nothing will stop us from getting this done. we are on the right side of history. >> marc thiessen is a former speech writer for george w. bush. where was it? where was the mea culpa, the come to jesus, the acknowledgment that he misled millions of people in this country who now 4.2 million of which, so far, have been kicked off their plans, contrary to his direct promise. he's talking about having a great product in the store and can't get in to buy it. >> i'm sorry i misled you. that's what was missing the in the speech. the site says if you like your health insurance you have, you can keep it, period. it's on the white house website. they have not acknowledged the basis fact that this administration misled the american people. when he
is going to brazen it out. you don't respond to these things, you stay where you are and keep your third of the electorate with you in the lock step, let the rest of the people figure it out. knowing that if your opponents are at odds, you will get away with it. >> maybe that worked for him before, ignore the scandals, usually he has a compliant mainstream media that goes along with it. but let's say the house democrats and senate democrats in particular, who voted for this law. and now, casablanca style, are being shocked, shocked that people are kicked off their plans. >> and the president is paying a house call this weekend. going down to louisiana for a campaign stop. do you think she is excited about that? do you think she is looking forward to it? we have an election going on tonight in virginia that would indicate, no. it would indicate that no, that this is a huge liability for democrats. and this dire rollout and other problems are very dire indeed. and they're not going to want to be standing next to him. >> quickly, before i let you go. what do you make of the president meetin
these stories and our mission is essentially to make sure that future generations don't forget, that future generations have a place they can go on the web and hear the voices and hear the stories of what it was like to be there and the sacrifices and to really understand the price that was paid for our freedom. >> they both talked about wanting the younger generation not only to know about their sacrifice but to learn from the attitude they had, the men and women who served us during world war ii had. you heard major geiger saying we didn't have a mart-ass attitude back in the day. and i heard in talking to some of these guys a hope, a wish that we could somehow return to, that that we could somehow return to a nation that respects its elders and is perhaps a bit more humble in their own approach to life and those who came before them. >> well, there's no question that things have changed. one of the things that i have enjoyed about meeting so many of these great world war ii-era veterans. and we've interviewed over 1,000 veterans, most of which are world war ii. it is a different generati
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)